General consultation 70 lei

Professional dental cleaning (Scaling, Air Flow, Brushing) 100 lei/arcade


Small Composite Obturator - Kerr Premise 100 lei 

Small composite filling - Tokuyama 150 lei

Medium Composite Obturator - Kerr Premise 140 lei

Medium composite filling - Tokuyama 200 lei

Large Composite Object - Kerr Premise 160 lei

Large composite filling - Tokuyama 250 lei

Tokuyama composite bead 350 lei


Professional Zoom Whitening  1200 lei

Whitening trays 150 lei/arcadE


Consultation for the application of dental implants 100 lei

Anesthesia 30 lei

Temporary tooth extraction 50 lei

Tooth extraction 100 lei

Simple single tooth extraction 150 lei

Simple pluriradicular extraction 200 lei

Wisdom tooth extraction de la 300 lei

Alveoloplastic extraction, surgical extraction (with suture) de la 300 lei

Odontectomy (tooth included) 300 - 350 lei

Chistectomy de la 500 lei

Treatment of postexractional alveolitis 70 lei

Premolarization 100 lei

Apical resection single tooth 300 lei

Apical resection pluriradicular tooth 500 lei

Vestibular abscess incision 100 lei

Gingivectomy + Gingivoplasty 100 lei/tooth

Operculectomy 150 lei

Elongation of dental crown without bone removal 100 lei

Elongation of dental crown with straightening of bone 150-200 lei

Discount tooth included 200 lei

Frenectomy 150 lei

Bone crest trimming 300/hemiarcade

Sinus lift closed 50 euro/implant

Sinus open lift 150 euro/implant (+ material osos de adiție și membrană)

Bone Addition - Artificial bone  50 euro  (+ addition material)

Bone graft 350 lei/implant

Denti (Swiss) dental implant Starting  at 400 euro

Straumann ( Swiss ) dental implant  from 700 euro

Implant discovery 15 euro

Endooral tumor excision 250 lei

Alvelotomy 500 lei

PRF(PLATELET RICH FIBRIN) implant - derived from the patient’s blood 120 euro/arcade

Dental extraction with bone reconstruction / aesthetic ar 250 - 300 euro


Treatments are done exclusively using the microscope.
Initial endodontic treatment with root canal obstruction by cold condensation techniques

  • one root canal 280 lei
  • two root channels 400 lei
  • three root channels 500 lei
  • four root channels 570 lei
  • Molar III 570 lei
  • For more than four root channels, an extra charge of 70 lei /root channel is charged

Resumption of treatment (slight defoliation of the canal) with restoration of canal filling by cold condensing techniques

  • one root canal 380 lei
  • two root channels 500 lei
  • three root channels 600 lei
  • four root channels 670 lei
  • Molal III 770 lei
  • For more than four root channels, an extra charge of 70 lei/root channel is charged

In case of difficult disbursement / unblocking, an extra 70 lei/root channel is charged

Removal of foreign body from the root channel (broken needle, cement) 180 lei

DCR ablation 150 lei / 220 lei (difficult)

Perforation treatment in the apical third / wide foramen with MTA 200 lei

Perforation treatment in coronary third with MTA (simple) 120 lei

Perforation treatment in coronary third with MTA (with microscope) 180 lei

Preparation of pivots / channel troughs 100 lei


Wax-up + Mock-up 50 lei/tooth

DCR Metallic 150 lei

DCR Bio Hpp 200 lei

Provisional crown with Scutan technique 50 lei/tooth

Acrylic crown 150 lei

Ceramic crown on laser-sintered metal support 500 lei

Crown of monolithic zirconium 650 lei

Zirconium ceramic crown 900 lei

E-Max faces 300 euro

Onlay E-Max 200 euro

Total prosthesis 1000 lei

Skeletal prosthesis with special systems Beginning with 700 euro

Rebate prosthesis 150 lei


Consultation 50 lei

Consultation 50 lei

Fixed metallic arcade device 1600 lei

Fixed sapphire/arcade 3200 lei

Fixed autoligaturant Damon metallic arcade 3500 lei

Fixed autoligaturant Damon fizionomic arcade 4500 lei

Control and operation of fixed metallic device/arcade 60 lei

Control and activity with aesthetic arches/arcade 80 lei

Collapsible metal bracket 50 lei

New aesthetic bracket 80 lei

Mobile contention/arcade 300 lei

Removing the appliance, fixed contention/arcade 500 lei

Lingual, transpalatal, Nance button 350 lei

Circuit breaker 750 lei

Quadhelix 450 lei

Mini orthodontic implant 400 lei

Distal jet 1300 lei

Pendulum 1000 lei

Fixed space keeper 250 lei

Mobilizable device 600 lei

Controlling and activating mobile phone 60 lei

Repair, rehabilitation mobile device 100 lei

Guitars invisible alignment / arcade 750 euro

Control and activation mobile device / arcade 30 lei

Bite plate 250 lei

Shield lingual 250 lei

Trainer 400 lei

Activator 550 lei

* The rates expressed in euro are calculated in lei at the NBR exchange rate on the day of payment.